Lymm Neighbourhood Plan Meeting – 14th October 2017

Over 600 people attended the first introductory public meeting of Lymm neighbourhood plan on Saturday 14th October 2017 at Lymm Village Hall, which was a fantastic turnout!
We had lots of different opinions, ideas and comments, all of which we will be assimilating, reflecting on and feeding back. Moving forward, this will allow us to have a better understanding of what lymm residents vision for the future will be, and we will be asking more questions as a result!
The overall response was extremely positive, and we’d like to thank all the people who came to the event showing support and providing feedback.
There’s a lot of background work that goes on behind the scenes, in preparing an event like this, so a huge thank you also goes out to the 30 +volunteers and Parish Councillors who were all integral to the success of the day.
Faisal rashid ( MP for south Warrington) also dropped in at lunchtime and was extremely complimentary, supportive and positive during discussions!
It will take us some time to summarise the outcomes from the meeting, but once done so, this will be published on this website for all to see.

Please tell us your thoughts on Saturday 14th Oct

What happens if we don’t have a Neighbourhood Plan?

We know national guidance is for more homes, and Warrington will be following this. Warrington are currently in the process of revising their planned housing & development plans but in the interim it is really important we create a statement that reflects the views of Lymm residents, businesses and services.

Without a Lymm Neighbourhood Plan, future development won’t take Lymm’s need into consideration, as the planning policy will be set at the Warrington level, and national guidance.
Lymm is a premium spot as far as developers see it, so it is really important that residents and local businesses have their say and exert some influence over how development land in Lymm is used. It will need to consider not just housing, but the infrastructure that supports it.

A Neighbourhood Plan is not just for the short term, but should set a framework for future development that is suggested for the next 15-20 years.

We really need to engage with and receive input from as many people as possible – the more the better, all views are welcome.
Please encourage as many people to come, as by understanding the process we as a community will be more empowered.