Lymm Neighbourhood Plan FAQ

We have put together the following answers, to help explain what a Neighbourhood Plan can and cannot “do”.

Please use the contact form to let us know if you have any additional questions that you would like to see answered – we will include if appropriate.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan allows communities to have a say in the future planning of their community, not just in housing but also aspects such as playgrounds, protecting views, cycle paths, etc. The plan relates to land use in the Parish.


What issues will Lymm’s Neighbourhood Plan focus on?

Lymm’s Neighbourhood Plan will focus on shaping what future development should happen in Lymm, what it should look like and where it should go. Lymm’s Neighbourhood Plan must concentrate on ‘land use’ policies . For example, it cannot cover issues such as speed limits, traffic signs, litter, etc.


Can Lymm’s Neighbourhood Plan allocate green belt land?

It is unlikely the Neighbourhood Plan will be permitted to allocate specific sites for future development or have the final say on specific sites to remain protected, whether it can do so is a decision for Warrington Borough Council . However, it can still help influence development and Warrington Borough Council policy on green belt allocation, conservation and infrastructure .


How will Lymm’s Neighbourhood Plan fit with Warrington Borough Council’s final Local Plan?

Lymm’s Plan needs to conform with national planning policy and cannot be in conflict with the strategic objectives of Warrington Borough Council’s final Local Plan.


What process will Lymm ’s Neighbourhood Plan take?

Lymm residents will be consulted during 2018 & early 2019 on the issues that are important to them. The results of the consultations will be included in a draft Neighbourhood Plan. This plan will go through an independent review process. After the review, the Neighbourhood Plan will be put to the residents of Lymm in a referendum.


What is the time frame for Lymm’s Neighbourhood Plan?

It can take two to three years to produce a neighbourhood plan. The process started in summer 2017.


Why do a Neighbourhood Plan ?

Lymm needs to plan positively for growth as some development over the next 20 years is inevitable. However, in drafting and agreeing a neighbourhood plan, the local community can help shape where and how that development occurs, with decisions being influenced by the inhabitants of Lymm rather than developers seeking to exploit national guidance or a borough-wide plan. This will give us a big say on the future of our beautiful village .


What effect will Lymm’s Neighbourhood Plan have in law?

If passed at referendum by Lymm residents, the Neighbourhood Plan will be used as official policy when decisions are made determining whether to approve or refuse planning applications in Lymm.

Will the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group commision consultants to scrutinise the total number of houses required by WBC’s draft local plan? (this question was raised in September 2019)

Lymm Parish Council is a member of The South Warrington Parish Councils Local Plan Working Group. That Working Group has employed consultants to scrutinise the WBC Local Plan, including its numbers, and report back to the Parish Councils. Public meetings were held earlier in 2019 to discuss this, details are available on the Parish Council website. The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group believes that duplicating that work would not be an effective use of its limited resources.