Call for volunteers

The Lymm Neighbourhood Plan Working Group is about to run five separate sub-groups on the themes of:

  1. “Community, Leisure & Wellbeing”
  2. “Economy, & Employment”
  3. “Housing & Design”
  4. “Transport & Movement”
  5. “Environment, Heritage & Character”

We shall be asking each sub-group member to attend a number of evening meetings to discuss topics, prepare the evidence base and recommend further actions. If you have the relevant skills please consider putting your name forward as a volunteer, if you have not already done so.

If you simply want to hear more about what the Lymm Neighbourhood Plan Working Group are doing, please join our email list to be kept informed.

We are maintaining a number of email distribution lists:

  • “Keep me informed” – keeping it simple, this list gets sent our updates.
  • “Volunteers” – we will send email updates as to the above group, but also send out calls for your to get involved and help. If you think you would like to get involved in the Lymm Neighbourhood Plan at any point, please sign up! We recognise everyone is busy and may not be able to help this time (though the more that can the better!)

To sign up – sign up our contact page at & use the second form with the “Volunteer” option, or write to us at the Parish Hall.

In other news, we have now sent an initial email to all those who have asked to be kept informed by email, if you did not receive an email from us please check your spam folders for 22nd March or drop us a note via our contact form – there were a very small number of email addresses where we could not decipher the handwriting.