Draft Warrington Borough Council Local Plan

Warrington Borough Council will shortly release a draft Local Plan for the Borough. The draft Local Plan will include policies that identify sites for residential development in Lymm which are currently in the Green Belt. Subject to a full council decision on 25 March 2019, WBC will be consulting on this draft Local Plan. The consultation period is expected to commence in April 2019.

The Lymm Neighbourhood Plan Working Group wants to make you aware that commenting on the removal of sites from the Green Belt by WBC is not part of the Lymm Neighbourhood Plan Working Group’s remit. Any comments by residents, on the removal of these sites from the Green Belt, should be made direct to WBC during the consultation period, otherwise they may not be taken into account.

The Warrington Local Plan is created by WBC, outlining development plans for the borough for the next 20 years. There are multiple Parishes across Warrington working on their own Neighbourhood Plans, of which the Lymm Neighbourhood Plan Working Group is one. A Neighbourhood Plan may influence how a Local Plan is implemented but cannot constrain or contradict it. For more information on the benefits and scope of a Neighbourhood Plan, see our Lymm Neighbourhood Plan section